About Me

I'm an experienced web developer, driven by the pursuit of clean code and software craftsmanship.


My preferred technologies include Python, Django and JavaScript, though I will gladly work with whichever tool is best suited to the job at hand. I am a keen advocate of open-source software, and feel most at home in a Linux environment.

Project Management

I also have experience in product development, project management and client relations, to which I bring immaculate communication skills and a particularly fine attention to detail.

User Experience

My background in cognitive psychology offers me a deeper understanding of great user experience design, which I try to apply to each project I work on.


I firmly believe in the idea of lifelong continuous self-improvement; I enjoy learning new skills and improving my knowledge in all aspects of life.


As well as programming, I also enjoy cooking for friends and family, fixing things that might usually be thought of as beyond repair, and getting caught up in long, philosophical debates.


I am available for consulting work via Kabu Creative and am always looking to get involved in new endeavours - please get in touch if you think I could add expertise and value to any of your projects.